One Good Way to Share Your Video

Create a video using iMovie and save it.
Go to “Share” in the menu bar.
Choose “Quicktime" and then Compress for Web.
Click the "Share" button to save the file someplace memorable (like your desktop.)
Get an account at
Upload your video to youtube by browsing to the memorable place that you saved it and then clicking upload.
Note the url (address) for future use.

To add the video to your blog, for example at
Click “New Post”
Type a title and any text you want.
Click on “Video” in the turquoise bar below the text box.
Copy the url (address) of the video you have uploaded.
Paste the url in the box
Click “Send to Editor.”

To just link to the video, go to its url. This can be placed in Word, or can be a link in an email or from a web page.