From a tool to supplement education to a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)!

Access ICSD's Blackboard Portal from the lower left corner of the main ICSD website.
  • Be sure teachers add icst to their username = icstrsevilla
  • Be sure students add icss to their username = icssrsevilla

You can use Blackboard to create a basic web presence and create access to content outside of the bricks and mortar classroom, but this is only scratching the surface of the tool. By going a step further and having students enroll in your Blackboard course, you can interact, engage, monitor and assess student and class progress.

Blackboard can help us to:
  • conduct deeper assessments through the use of wikis within Blackboard sites
  • support the teaching of 21st Century skills in the context of curriculum knowledge. The use of Blackboard tools to extend content outside of the classroom allows students to apply skills needed for their futures.
  • provide cooperative skills grounded in the context of curriculum - Using wikis in our Blackboard sites allow TRUE collaboration to take place under a teacher's guidance.

Other possibilities Blackboard can help promote:
  • Transform teachers' practices, allowing for diversification of instruction
  • More efficient face to face time
  • Help communicate with students, amongst faculty, parents and families, and the larger community
  • Post video, screencasts, SMART Board files to reteach and provide alternative support mechanisms
  • Extend learning beyond traditional school hours
  • Has blogs, wikis and podcasts already built-in
  • Can be used for professional development

All teachers and all students grade 6-12 should have accounts on Blackboard. Teachers DO NOT have Blackboard courses automatically. They must request that the IIT Dept. create a site specifically for them (see below).

For local support please contact Roger Sevilla, ICSD Technology integration Staff Developer <>.
Here is a link to a basic handout in Microsoft Word format that answers many questions.
See Roger or your school's Technology Mentor for additional support.

Request a Blackboard Site

If a teacher wants a Blackboard site, she will need to download this form and send via school snail mail to Jason Oliver in the IIT Dept.

Self Help Using Tutorials and Handouts

What's new in Blackboard 9.1?
You may choose to print this handout which contains very useful basic info for the beginner!
In addition to this wiki, please be sure to check out these video tutorials!
Be sure to check out the videos in each of the sections from Course Environment to the Grade Center


This graphic also helps identify important information and serves as a great visual overview.

Finding a Blackboard Site

We encourage teachers to put their last names in the actual title of their Blackboard site. Doing this enables anyone to go to the main Blackboard page off the ICSD website to use the Find a Classroom tab to find class sites.
  • go to the district site
  • click the Blackboard link in bottom left ToolBox area
  • click Find a Classroom tab in top right
  • Type in part of the teacher's last name in the Course Search box
  • click Go
  • scroll down in the page that loads
  • click on the hyperllink to the class at left (DO NOT click enroll at right if you just want to look!)

Enrolling in a Blackboard Site

Manually Enrolling Students (teacher does the work)
1. Log in to Blackboard and click on the link to the class in which you want to enroll users.
2. From the Control Panel, select Users and Groups and click on Users.
3. Click on Find Users to Enroll.
4. Click on Browse.
5. In the screen that pops up, set the search parameters to "username", "contains" and type part of the student's last name that you would like to enroll. icss identifies ICSD students.
6. Check the boxes next to the student's name that you want to enroll in your class and click Submit.

Students Self- Enroll in the Class (student does the work)
Teachers will need to be sure their course is set to "self-enroll" before students are able to complete these steps.
Control Panel --> Customization --> Enrollment Options --> self enrollment is checked do not check date boxes).
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Bb icon in the lower left corner
  3. Click the Login button
  4. Login using icssusername where username = your username and your regular password
  5. Click on the Find a Classroom tab
  6. In the Search Search box type part of your teacher’s last name and then click Go
  7. At the bottom of the page that loads you should see the course
  8. Click the double headed arrows pointing downward to choose "enroll" in the drop-down list

  9. In the screen that appears, click the Submit button to enroll in the class
  10. In the confirmation page, click OK and you will now be enrolled as a student in the class
  11. Whenever you login in the future, there will be a list of “Courses in which you are enrolled” which will list all of your Bb courses.
  12. You can always click on the Classes tab after logging in to see Courses in which you are enrolled”

Guest Access

Blackboard has added new security measures to protect the privacy of your digital materials. There are TWO places where you will have to manage your course settings to allow for guests/parents to view your materials.

1. Control Panel--Customization--Guest and Parent Access
Make sure the Allow Guest Access radial dial is set to Yes (Allow Parent Access is irrelevant in our system).

2. Class Menu
On each of your menu items, there is a drop-down arrow when you are in edit mode. Click the arrow and select Permit Guests to allow guests to view your content. If it is set properly, the toggle link will say "Deny Guests".

Model Sites - Best Practices

Please note: Some of these may require logins to actually see the scope of the entire Blackboard site. Please recognize that if you see one of these sites and it looks "basic" you are probably attempting to view it as a "Guest" (not enrolled in the class) and will not be able to get the richer picture.

ICSD Blackboard Site
Many of the IHS Departments linked from this page use Blackboard to maintain their web presence.
Bridgid Cooper - IHS
Sofi Gluck - IHS - requires login to see wiki and embedded Powerpoints via Slideshare
Model Sites from OCM BOCES Be sure to check out the narrated tours!