Blogging: A Literacy Tool for Students and Teachers...

It is worthwhile to explore use of weblogs to enhance what occurs in your classroom, and your professional life as well as.

-Some Reasons to Blog with your students:

  • An authentic audience is valuable to students.
  • Voices that are usually quiet can be heard.
  • Students are engaged by the medium.
  • Collaboration between students is promoted.
  • Work can happen outside the time and space constraints of school.
  • Immediacy of sharing of thinking.
  • Appeals to various learning styles.
  • Work is easily shared, collected, and preserved....
- An excellent intro from Teachers First

SupportBlogging! has been set up to provide an opportunity for students, teachers, administrators, parents, and others to help promote an understanding of the benefits of educational blogging.

-Some Examples

Danielle Rottenstein's 5th grade
Knowledge is Power
Kids and Community (Associated lesson plan information)
Ms. Provan's Class Blog
Second Grade Blog from Northeast School
Nelson's News
Hickory News
First Grade in the Whale Room
FictionFocus: Book reviews by 3rd graders at South Hill School
Booknook: Third graders' book reviews
Enfield School Library
Bauchner 5th Grade at BJM
Fall Creek Library
We Are Empowered
GlobalKids: ESOL at Dewitt Middle School
Leadership 101 at IHS
LACS Artroom
Faculty Forecaster at LACS

From the World:

Kathy Cassidy's Grades 1 and 2 Blog
New Zealand Year 1
Mighty Writers (Mark Ahlness, Grade 3)
Mrs. Perry's 4th Grade Blog
Gordon Brune's 5th Graders
Bloomer Sixth Grade
Montessori Seniors Class 2007Please leave comments under the appropriate articles. The questions are only there to guide your responses. You must complete one response per week. No credit will be given for anonymous comments!
Bookworm - Secondary student blog in a traditional context.
12th Grade English Blog Welcome! Hi All! Please use this blog to a) continue our classroom discussions b) raise new questions and topics c) ask peers/me about homework, et al. You can also go to our website for further information. Ciao, Mr. Johnston

-Blogs and Student Safety

Various resources from ayale's Delicious bookmarks
from David Warlick
Here is a release form for ICSD student publishing

-Blogs addressing education and technology.

-Finding blogs

-Tools for creating blogs:

-For further Exploration, and credit due for some links above:**

-Sharing Video on your blog (or elsewhere)