What is it?

Social bookmarking gives you the ability to bookmark pages that are relevant to you and share them among your peers. There are a few different types of social bookmarking services that allow you to do this. Two of the top bookmarking sites are Diigo.

Diigo Education

Check out Diigo's new service exclusively for teachers:http://www.diigo.com/education. The new Diigo Educator Accounts are special upgrades provided specifically to K-12 & higher-ed educators so they can easily make use of Diigo in class and with their students.
Diigo provides a powerful online research tool and learning environment that allows teachers and their students or colleagues to:
  • add highlights and sticky notes on any web page, anywhere, and access them anywhere.
  • utilize group online annotations for instruction or discussions.
  • share and interact online findings through group bookmarks, highlights, sticky notes, and forum discussions.
  • and a lot more!

Getting started on iPad

  • Install the Diigo app on your ipad (not the browser or offline reader.. just Diigo)
  • Launch the app
  • Sign in OR click Sign up now to go through the steps to setup an account - use district email and choose a username like rsevillaicsd
  • Once the Diigo app is installed, you will want to Install Web Highlighter into Safari browser on your iPad.
  • IMPORTANT: Follow these instructions to install the Web Highlighter- http://www.diigo.com/ipad

Try it out! Visit a site you use often. While on the site in Safari on your iPad, click the Web Highlighter in your bookmarks bar. Add a tag and click save.
Go to another computer and visit diigo.com. Sign in and you will see your bookmark! You can "follow" other Diigo users, join existing groups and create your own group.