Flip Camcorders

Flip camcorders are pretty inexpensive ($120 - $200 depending on model) and are great for K12 education because they are simple to use.
Check out their websitefor the latest models and software.
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Tools such as the Flip fit nicely into project based learning (PBL) or what I've becom fond of Challenge Based Learning.


Check out their YouTube channel
Checkout this school's ideas on how to use Flip camcorders in education. If you live in CNY, you can attend the Theodore Case Film Festival in Auburn, NY to see how the Flip has been used in K-12 eduaction.
You may need a video conversion tool such as Any Video Converter to change the format of the video to something like .mov, .wmv.

Ideas for Using the Flip camera

45 Interesting Ways to Use your Flip Camera
Using Flip camcorders in TEACHING
Using Flip Camcorders for LEARNING
breaking down abstract processes into smaller processes
making instructional videos that lays out the steps or a sequence in a science lab
Digital Storytelling - empowering student voices, posting student work and then inviting feedback, opportunities for extending cultural competence
Assessment - if the NFL uses video because the tape dows not lie, how can we leverage video for assessment?
Literacy across the curriculum - the pre-production planning that is required for any effective media message, especially VIDEO given what are expectations are for "good" video given how much students watch (PEW Research!!)
RtI - can use video to gather data and progress monitor
Peer review of reading materials carry greater meaning as their work becomes more authentic - What genre and why?
"Did you Know" clip for staff and faculty and create a new post on a regular interval
Students will improve writing skills, when Flip is combined with strong writing components
Make a video that depicts a certain goal or objective - gives all kids a way in - multiple intelligences/learning stayles
Every student gets to participate and repsond
Tape the "meat" of the lecture for make up work - if you missed class (absence, tutor, extended time away from school)
Video news broadcasts - announcements are on school tv and piped into each room - a little more professional coverage
Media Literacy - students can deconstruct messages if they know how to create messages - relevance of school and kids digital lives
Must work backward from a video and work backward to see the process behind a video - our best thoughts are not our first thoughts
Instructional text - give to somebody and record them following the instructions as a test of your own writing
Can FLIP video be used to enhance critical thinking skills
Videos for how to administer local assessment

Videos for Socratic Seminar

Portfolios (work/growth over time)

Public video provides insight into what is happening in schools - good PR!