Google Tools

Google Tools include word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and Web forms just to name a few. They also have great services like Gmail, Google Reader, Google Sites, Google Alerts and many others.

PLC DAY SESSION: Using Google Tools to Facilitate the Work of Your PLC ------> - Please follow this link

Google Docs

Google Docs are the most commonly used tools. You should think of Google Docs as an online suite of tools and much like Microsoft Office. One of the many benefits of using Google docs, besides the fact that they are free, is the ability to access these documents from anyplace in the world where there is Internet service. Another great benefit, is the ability to share these files easily with others. When you share your documents, you can allow other simply to view or you can give them the right to edit documents as co-authors.
Check out these materials for getting started with Google Docs.


Create a Google Account:

You DO NOT need to setup yet another email account in order to use Google Tools. In fact, it is recommended that you instead use your existing ICSD email when setting up your Google Account.
When you go to the link below, be sure to click on:
“I prefer to use my current email address!”

Google Docs for Educators - resources from Google
Getting Started Guide - from Google

Google Forms

Google Forms Tutorial

Google Street View

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