What is it?

Social bookmarking gives you the ability to bookmark pages that are relevant to you and share them among your peers. There are a few different types of social bookmarking services that allow you to do this. Two of the top bookmarking sites are del.icio.us and Diigo.

Diigo Education

Check out Diigo's new service exclusively for teachers:http://www.diigo.com/education. The new Diigo Educator Accounts are special upgrades provided specifically to K-12 & higher-ed educators so they can easily make use of Diigo in class and with their students.
Diigo provides a powerful online research tool and learning environment that allows teachers and their students or colleagues to:
  • add highlights and sticky notes on any web page, anywhere, and access them anywhere.
  • utilize group online annotations for instruction or discussions.
  • share and interact online findings through group bookmarks, highlights, sticky notes, and forum discussions.
  • and a lot more!

A quick-start guide for Delicious from ICSD Technology Integration Staff Developers - Roger Sevilla & Jennifer Goodmark

Learning Technologies Center this page, which includes a video, concentrates on features of the [del.icio.us] social bookmarking site.
A comprehensive view of Social bookmarking from webtools4u2use
Social Bookmarking information from Monroe #1 BOCES Model Schools Wiki
TechLearning article on Social Bookmarking with discussion of several tools

How one school (Willowdale) uses social bookmarking

You can embed delicious links in a wiki page. This would be useful. You could have a wiki page called Literacy and on that page have just your literacy links appear. Note that this is dynamic, so as you tag more sites in your delicious with "literacy", they will automatically show up on your Literacy wiki page for students! Check this out... Litercay wiki page.

Here is my tag cloud from delicious (go to Settings while logged into delicious, scroll to bottom to Blogging, select Tag Rolls).