Wikis- Wiki-wiki means quick in Hawaiian. A wiki is a collaborative, co-editable web space...

Pedagogical Potential of Wikis
Good Resource to begin with can be found here!
Why Wikis - wiki for today's workshop

Flat Classroom Energy Sources
Students' Intrinsic need to:
  • To work in responsive information environments,
  • To communicate,
  • To share personal experience & Identity,
  • To Ask questions,
  • To Accomplish,
  • To form community,
  • To invest themselves,
  • To safely make mistakes,
  • To have audience and attention.
    (David Warlick)

Helpful Links

What is a Wiki?

"Wikis in Plain English"

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Examples from Afar:

Many examples
More Examples of Educational Wikis
K-8 from PBWiki

Professional Dev. & Collaboration
Literacy Leads the Way

About Dinosaurs
Collections of 100

Mrs. Maines Wiki
Great Debate 2008
9-12 High School from PBWiki
Middle School Math

Wikipedia - the most well known wiki

"The biggest multilingual free-content encyclopedia on the Internet. Over two million articles and still growing." An encyclopedia anyone can edit.
Nature Magazine: Comparison to Britannica for accuracy
New Yorker Article: "Can Wikipedia Conquer Expertise?
Look up some topic(s) you are familiar with. Check your sense of accuracy. Pick an offbeat topic such as Ithaca trails, or poison ivy.
Edutopia: Using Wikipedia in the Classroom

Local Examples:

Langdo-nites A third grade teacher's class wiki
ICSD Paraprofessional's Guide

Try Playing in a Wiki

Play with a wiki at Roger's Sandbox

Getting Started With Your Own Wiki

Follow this link for tips on getting your own "advertisement free" wiki for educational use.
Be sure to check with your school how you obtain proper release from parents and students. Here is the generic ICSD release. Also consider ethics and responsibility through the use of some kind of student/teacher contract.