Using Apple and iPods in Education

Bob Bone - Acquisition Account Executive -
Tom Homer - Systems Engineer -

Using Macintosh and iPods to support students receiving special education and academic intervention services.
5 MacBooks and 5 iPods = seed units

Using Photobooth to record students reading - fluency assessment (end of May) - kids can watch and listen and assess themselves
Student that tell you what they want to write but sit with pen and paper record voice memos on iPods, record audio in Quicktime Payer (audio recording), Garageband audio
Digital Flash Cards -

iPods in Education
iPod Touch Apps for K-12 from Christine Dowd, Apple
iPod Anytime from Pat Santulli

Apple Learning Interchange - iPod touch. Touching student lives in the classroom.

ALI represents a professional community where administrators and teachers can connect with educators from around the world. Simply create your login and you are off and running. Take note of the “iPod/iPhone for Administrators” document found in the center of the page.
iPods in the ClassroomTeach with a Touch
The iPod Touch in Education (kernkelley)
iPhone/iTouch Apps for Education Survey
iResponse - Classroom Responder System for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
Jane Keyes site at Classroom 2.0

Setting Up an iTunes App Store Account without a credit card
Follow these directions.

What Programs are on My Mac?
Go --> Applications --> see what programs are loaded on your computer
or look in the Sidebar of a Finder Window

How Can I Zoom?
Zoom = System Preferences --> Universal Access --> Seeing --> On then use option + command + + or option + command -
or hold down control key and push two fingers up (away) from you on the trackpad

Notes from M. New
MacBook Training March 9, 2010
IHS Training Room

MacBook NOTES…
  • power supply on left
  • green if fully charged
  • USB plugs (2)
  • Firewire (same as USB but faster)
  • Audio In (Microphone/headphones)
  • Camera (front center)
  • Log-In Screen
  • automatically log-in
  • NO password
  • H drive- will have shortcut
  • Click on below Mac… you can find serial number, computer name, etc.
  • Dock-
  • has applications listed (can organize yourself)
  • FINDER- aka desktop
  • should be located next to the Apple Sign in the top left corner
  • describes the application
  • if it changes to something else… it will show what application is working
  • Even though the window is closed, application may still be open (have to QUIT application)
  • Can open lots of applications, look for the white light on DOCK (task bar)
  • Use command as alt key from Dell
  • Command Q will QUIT
  • Command & Tab will VIEW all applications
  • Find things EASILY
  • SPOTLIGHT (magnifying glass) top right corner CLICK (SHORTCUT: Command spacebar)
  • type what you are looking for
  • Track Pad= Mouse Pad
  • DOCK
  • to REMOVE applications just drag off look for smoke
  • to ADD applications use GO--> applications open desirable app and once on dock click and select add to dock
  • ZOOM
  • control key and two fingers on Track Pad
  • to change mouse functions UNIVERSAL ACCESS/ Mouse & Trackpad
  • VIEW
  • View Options = always open as…. list, icon ect.
  • Applications
  • Itouch
  • Notepad
  • double click… select/copy/paste/cut
  • Text to Speech
  • Go to EDIT down to SPEECH
  • To convert to Itunes
  • Select all
  • Go to file
  • Then go to TextEdit
  • Service to ITunes
  • Podcasts