There are three things to remember:
1. An iPad is not a computer.
2. An iPad is intended to be a personal device.
3. All this talk about iPads is not really about the device, it is about student learning and mobility!


Teacher Use of iPads

Some great free apps exist that can benefit any user, be it administrator, teacher or students.
Be sure to check out:
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote
  • Google Drive
  • Diigo
  • iTunes U - On your iOS device open the iTunesU app. On a computer open iTunes and look for the iTunesU tab at top.
  • iBooks

iPad Basics

iTunes account:

You’ve been assigned a “generic” itunes account of the form “icsdXXXX” which is tied to a district email address of the same name. Your itunes account is the full email address of the generic account. The password for these accounts is “xxxx” (see your school's Technology Mentor). For example, if you are assigned “icsd0200” your itunes account will be “icsd0200@icsd.k12.ny.us” and your password is “xxxx”.
Whenever you are prompted to enter an itunes account when installing an app purchased by the district you should use this account.

Getting Paid Applications:

Your generic accounts do not have a credit card tied to them nor do they have any credit. However, once enrolled in the Casper program you’ll have a Self Service app on your home screen from which paid apps are available (only available on the district network). The self service screen shows profiles, free apps, or paid applications which the IIT department makes available to iPads based upon the specific device, or the department or school the iPad is associated with. Please be certain to be signed into the App store with your generic account when you are downloading paid Apps.

If there is a paid app you would like, please submit a Snoopy Help Request from the IIT page of the ICSD website.

Setting up your district email:
Please note, setting up email will make the device require a passcode. The iPad should then be set (Settings --> General) to reuire the password every 15 minutes.

From the Home Screen, click on Settings.
Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.
Click on “Add Account…
Click on “Microsoft Exchange”.
Enter your email address.
Domain: icsd.k12.ny.us
Username/Password: your ICSD username/password
Click “Save”.

Basic iPad Info

Apple's iPad in Education website - Hands-on teachers, meet hands-on learning!
iPad Tips & Tricks

Useful iPad Websites

ADEs on iTunes U -or on their website APPitic* - Fantastic site with wonderful resources and ideas!
iPad in Education - Palm Beach County
The Rosyln iPad Forum - Rosyln, NY
iPads in the Classroom - Kathy Schrock
ND iPad for Educators - Craig Nansen, Minot Public Schools


Find Apps for Education - Pointed in the right Direction

Apple's Education Apps
iTunes Store Education Content - from Apple
Education Collections on the App Store ~ This special collection on iTunes organizes Apps by subject area for both teachers and students.
APPitic - * 1800+ Apps for Education from Apple Distinguished Educators
IEAR.org -* A Community Effort to Grade Educational Apps
Clarkstown School District, NY - Vicki Windman
Appolicious - * Educational Apps for iPad and iPhone
36 Lists of iPad Resources

Teacher Apps

Assessment Apps -
Vicki Windman

High School Apps

High School Apps
Palm Beach County Schools

Middle School Apps

Middle School Apps
Palm Beach County Schools

Elementary Apps

Elementary School Apps
Palm Beach County Schools

Administrator Apps

Apps for Administrators
Palm Beach County Schools
Apps for PE Teachers
Handhelds in PE

Apps for Children with Special Needs
Free iPad Apps for Children with Special Needs
Apps that Build General Expressive Language (Oral Communication Skills)

Developing a Culture of Reading Using Technology

Books for the iPad

Check out the Top Free Books in Apple's iTunes Store
Use this page to search first, Project Gutenberg, then use the search tool in the iTunes Store to search for the title.
  • Download an audiobook to listen to using the links below:
    • LibriVox (iTunes link) or LibriVox (website - easier to search, but requires knowledge of how to download book in Safari and import book into iTunes)
    • Lit2Go

General Websites/Articles That Recommend Apps

Blooms Taxonomy with Apps
There's an App for That - ISTE 2011 Panel Session
Apps in Education - Gregory Swanson
Apps for K12 Education Environments - a livebinder by RindaMC
20 Amazing iPad Apps for Educators - TeachHUB
The Best iPad Book Apps for Reading Books at School - Jonathon Wylie

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