Interactive Whiteboards

ICSD teachers use SMART Boards in classrooms to engage and motivate students, appealing to various learning styles while promoting visual literacy. Because ICSD has SMART Boards in our schools, you can download the SMART software for free to your classroom or personal computer. You will need a product key to complete the installation (contact Roger or your school's technology mentor for assistance).

Adding SMART software to an ICSD Macintosh.

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"Kick it Up a Notch" - workshop session
IHS SMART Study Group - Teachers from IHS learning together and sharing best practices!


The manufacturer's website: SMART
Be sure to check out these free training resources including handouts and videos on Notebook software!

SMART Exchange - A free resource center and community forum for educators to share lessons, tips and success stories (registration is required for forums only)

Visit the SMART Learning Space (requires free registration - NO SPAM)
  • An array of interactive learning experiences, both fee-based and complimentary
  • Lessons on how to integrate technology into your teaching practices
  • Information and tips on integrating technology and pedagogy
  • Interactive, self-paced offerings with rich multimedia and video content

SMART's channel on YouTube:

From Tequipment, the reseller that ICSD purchases the SMART Boards from has a wonderful Educator Resource Center and a constantly evolving list of links to interactive websites that work well in conjunction with a SMART Board (registration is free and allows you to download all the files you want).

Check out Atomic Learning's resources on Notebook 10 for PC (login required - See Roger or Technology Mentors)

Be able to articulate how and why we teach with SMART Boards!

Lesson Library

ICSD teachers can add their lessons to this page so others can use them!

Elementary SMART Board Resources

(Some of these are repeated elsewhere on the page)
  1. Smart Boards in Elementary Classrooms (Wichita Public Schools) How can Smart Boards enhance student achievement?
  2. Scholastic's Interactive Whiteboard Lessons
  3. Elementary Smartboard lessons in a big chart with grade level and subject
  4. Smartboard Templates from the Center School District
  5. Amphitheater Public Schools Listed here are several websites where collections of links to activities have been created. Some of these websites are even sorted into curriculum areas!
  6. Smart Technology Sites from Sioux Falls - be sure to scroll and explore
  7. Elementary SB Lessons from Longwood Central School District (NY)
  8. Primary Interactive Whiteboard Resources (from Topmarks in the UK)
  9. Consider using projectable books!

Secondary SMART Board Resources

  1. Math Teachers Using SMART Boards
    National Library for Virtual Manipulatives
    Primary Interactive
    NCTM illuminations
    Jefferson Math Project
    Harvard's "Math in the Movies"
    Venn Diagram
  2. Fun sites for U.S. History:
    Mad Magazine Fold-ins
    Ben's Guide to U.S. History
  3. English Language Arts
    Word Magnets
    Lord of the Flies - Interactive Game
  4. Science Links:
    Brainpop Science Videos
    Plates and Boundaries Quiz
    Rutherford's Experiment
    Molecular View of Solution Formation
    Strong Acid, Weak Acid
  5. World Languages - Poissonrouge school of French
  6. Economics - Educational_game
  7. Middle, Jr. High School, and High School lessons from Longwood CSD
  8. Middle School or High School SMART lessons from Witchita Public Schools
  9. So You Have a SMARTboard? How Are You Using It In the Mathematics Classroom?
    A Powerpoint presentation from a teacher with loads of ideas for using SMARTboard in the math class.
  10. Center School District provides access to Middle School templates and High School templates
Interactive Sites fro Whiteboard Use K-5 from Oak Steet ES in Plattsburg, NY
North Syracuse

Quality Sites

Prezi - Create astonishing presentations live and on the web!
ETC @ NSC Interactive Whiteboard Links from Georgia's Department of Education
KScience animations to download and use in notebooks
Maximizing Your SMART Board with Smart Tools for notebooks to download by content area
smartlinks wiki with Notebook files and resource links by content area
Interactive Sites for use with SMART board
Engaging Learners the SMART Board Way from Eduscapes
Walkill CSD SMART Board resource page
Middle School SMART Board Lessons (Longwood CSD site has other levels too!)
Bob’s Place of Smartboard Resources and Tools
Delicious Smartboard Resources
Internet 4 Classrooms
Great K-3 Smartboard Sites
Lee Summit Resources
Longwood Central HS
Port A Portal
Send It Home
Smart Board Lessons
Smart Board Lesson Ideas
Smart Board Podcasts
Smart English Lessons
Smart Fest
Secondary Instructional Technology
Secondary Interactive Smartboard Sites
Smartboard Integration for MS & HS
Smartboard Links
Smartboard Resources- History
Smartboard Resources- Living Environments
Smartboard Resources- Science
Smartboard Revolution Ning
Smartboard Shine and Write
Smartboard Templates
Smart Secondary
Smart Technology Sites
Social Studies Resources
Teacher Tube Math Lessons
Teaching with Smart Board 6-12 Math

System Requirements

Here is the link to the System Requirements for the SMART Notebook software.

Macintosh Tips

1- NO ink aware in Powerpoint.
2- Very important to have the window in focus when using ink aware in Word or Excel (i.e your menu bar will say Microsoft Word or Excel)
3- Open up System Preferences again, Click on Ink under the Hardware section, Be sure to have Handwriting recognition On and Allow me to Ink in any application IS NOT selected.
4- You can insert a link into your attachments tab. Click on attachments, and choose the Globe with the plus sign to insert a hyperlink.
5- You have to "wake up" flash (like Lesson Activity Toolkit -LAT). i.e. tap it once (cursor will turn to hand), and then you'll be able to drag it with the next touch.

6. Make sure you have the latest version of FLASH <>

7. Since you can't enter full screen with with LAT, try using the Jellybean to maximize real estate at the board <>
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